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Contract Whist and Double Twelve Dominoes

The Rules Explained:-

Contract Whist

  1. Played with full pack. 3 to 7 players.

  2. Card is drawn at random by first player.

  3. Order of play: clockwise.

  4. If card drawn is J, Q, K or Ace: No Trumps

  5. If the card drawn is 2 to 10 the suite drawn is Trumps including J, Q, K and Ace and the number of cards dealt is as per the number in the card drawn with the exception of 2 and 3. 4 is the lowest (to make the game more viable)

  6. Each player (in turn) after the dealer has to nominate how many tricks they will get until they reach the dealer who cannot make the total number equal to those dealt.

  7. Each player must get the number of tricks contracted (not more or less). To this is added 10 points (e.g. a player can contract for none and if they achieve this they get 10 points)

  8. As the game progresses points for each player are finalised at an agreed time.

4 players: 8 of Hearts drawn: 8 cards dealt.
1st player declares 1
2nd player declares 0
3rd player declares 5
4th player cannot say 2 they must declare the nearest and hope to win!!
Remember you must get the contract you have declared

Double Twelve Dominoes

These are white with different coloured dots (indicating the number I.e. 7 is purple, 5 is blue, 3 is red, etc) Without this identification it is easy to incorrectly assess the domino.
There are 91 dominoes. The game is played in multiples of 5s and 3s as in conventional dominoes but, of course, it is more challenging!




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