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Gardening at Whirlow Brook

Gardening at Whirlowbrook Park 2017

We are now into our seventh year of creating a commemorative garden at Whirlowbrook Park.  There are about 12 members who come on a regular basis plus others who help when they can.  New members are always made very welcome! Come and try us out - there is always coffee and biscuits at around 10.30 am!

Now that most of the heavy work is over we enjoy maintaining the garden and surrounding areas. We weed, sweep and prune during the summer, then gather leaves, clear the water courses and and generally keep the garden tidy in the winter.  Replacement planting and feeding takes place in spring and autumn.  By mulching regularly with chipped bark we are controlling the weeds and conserving moisture.  Twice a year we clear silt and rubbish from the lily pond - for this we are joined by other SU3A members, the Council's rangers, volunteers from Abbeydale Rotary, and Saxon Hotels (the tenants of Whirlowbrook Hall). The first session is on Wednesday 8 March starting at 9.00.  Any other sessions will be advertised in Links and on the website noticeboard.

On 8 June 2016 we held our second remembrance service in the garden, which was enjoyed by over 50 people. This year we are planning an Open Morning, to be held on Wednesday 14 June. It's possible that the new Park cafe will be open by then!

Our patch has grown considerably since we started. We have created a small bog garden near to the drive and also taken over maintenance of the hillside paths, the Japanese rock-garden and planting along the pond side. Last year we took delivery of a large piece of stone to mark the lower entrance. The stone was kindly donated by Birchover Quarries.

We welcome donations to replace shrubs that do not make it through the winter and to extend the ground cover. It is reassuring that vandalism is minimal (apart from nibbling by rabbits) and only the occasional small plant goes missing, possibly because we have deliberately removed their labels.  If you would like to make a donation, please contact Alison Cowper on 01142 746165, or complete the donation form and send it to her. All donations are recorded in the book of remembrance.

We would like to acknowledge the support we get from Parkers Bulbs in Manchester, Ross Nurseries in Kettleshulme, Phedar Nurseries in Stockport and New Leaf Nursery in Sheffield, and say how much we enjoy working with the Council’s Gardeners and Rangers.

Shelagh Woolliscroft 0114 255 8948



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