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clematis   alliums
Golden Acre, Leeds, - clematis and alliums   photos by Graham Baldry
Visit to Golden Acre park, Leeds,    
   Golden Acre - irises   Primulas
golden acre   iris sibirica
It rained all day, but gardeners don't care!   Iris sibirica
The future for gardening in Yorkshire - dry gardens?  Not today!   Azaleas

Not a lot to see in the demonstration gardens as the head gardener and his team had been spending the last few weeks at Chelsea - and came away with a Gold Medal!  It should be better in a few weeks' time when they have had time to put out all the bedding and vegetables.

Rhododendrons and azaleas    
    photos by Graham Baldry
Visit to Rufford Park    
Ruined buildings at Rufford Park   The formal gardens
Rufford Park  
This building, which was previously a swimming pool, now holds an art exhibition   The grounds and a splendid tree seen from the ruined abbey
    photos by Marilyn Costello




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