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The Group started with an initial taster session in June 2010.  This was very well supported and a great success.  Over 30 people signed up and the class continues to flourish.

We are very fortunate to have David Barrow and Ken Thomas as instructors. David is well known in the world of Tai Chi.  He has been teaching for over 30 years and was trained in Shanghai by a famous master of Wu Style Tai Chi. He spent over 17 years  conducting research studies at the Royal Hallamshire Hospital to investigate the benefits of Clinical Tai Chi, a specially modified form of the original Wu Style.

The intellectual rights of Clinical Tai Chi remain the property of David and The Royal Hallamshire Hospital. It has proven to be of much benefit to those suffering from heart disease, balance disorders and the elderly.  In class we are learning Wu Style with elements of Clinical Tai Chi.

tai chi groupKen has been trained personally by David over the last ten years and is now studying to be an instructor.

We are a friendly group with a wide range of abilities (and ailments.)  What we all have in common is an understanding that learning Tai Chi could be a life improving experience. 
Once David claps his hands to start the class a total silence descends on the room as we concentrate.  We walk in but float out.





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