Walking Group B

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Treasurer     : Chris Lavelle     Tel: 0114 2746789



5 of the original members who formed the group in November 1991. They are ( from left to right), Mike Lavelle, Margaret Barlow, Benny Sutherland, Faith Crotty and Ken Sutherland.

The first twenty glorious years.

Can it really be 20 years since our founder members launched our very successful group?
Over the years friendships have blossomed as we enjoyed the countryside together, walking 
many companionable miles in hills and dales. We’ve shared holidays, laughter and friendships 
whilst supporting each other when needed.

The success of the group is reflected in the emergence of a strong social membership who 
while no longer able to do the full walks still enjoy our social activities and an occasional 
short walk.

I wonder if the people who formed our walking group realised just what they were starting. 
What a debt we owe them! This is how it all began :-………..........    

The U3A Open Meeting held on 5th September 1991 attracted many new members, 
quite a number of whom opted to join the Walking Group with the result that about 50 people
 turned up for the next Group Walk on Tuesday 10th September. This 6 mile walk from
 Hathersage took from 10.30am. to 2.45pm and included a stop for coffee at about 11.00am
 as well as a lunch break.

It soon became obvious that the Group was too large and at the Walking Group AGM on 
27th November it was decided to divide into Groups A & B, the latter to consist of all those
 who joined in September or later. Jarvis Close, a member of the original Group kindly
volunteered to be the Coordinator of the newly conceived Group B.

The first Group B programme, January to March 1992, was substantially the same as that
 of Group A, both walking alternate Tuesdays and Wednesdays but staggered so that a Group B 
member could walk with Group A, say on a Tuesday, to learn the route and then lead that walk 
with Group B on the Tuesday of the following week. In this way we gained confidence in leading
 and, from April onwards, planning our own programmes. These early walks were only 5 or 6 miles
 long and soon we decided to omit the coffee break and by the end of the year lengthened our walks
 to 7, 8 or even 9 miles.  Margaret Barlow led the second Group B walk on 15th January 1992 
and other early leaders still in membership include Ken and Benny Sutherland, George and
 Beryl Noble, June Crossley, Faith Crotty and Mike Lavelle.

So much for the History. Some of the most enjoyable aspects of our activities have been the 
day trips and holidays, both abroad, in Cyprus, Spain, La Gomera & Tenerife,Gozo and Malta, 
and many in the UK. There are so many memories of events that I find it difficult to 
isolate particular ones of note.  
( Ken Sutherland.)




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