Woodland Garden Project

After six months' hard work the land by the upper pond and rock garden at Whirlow Brook Park has been cleared for the SU3A Silver Jubilee Commemorative Garden.  The first 50 shrubs were planted at the end of March.  This was, you will recall, followed by the driest April on record!  The stream dried up and the pond became a bog-garden, so the intrepid diggers fetched water daily from a tap 300 metres away in order to keep the plants healthy.  Then we started to tidy the surrounding area.  Steffon removed a sycamore tree from the pond with his own bare hands!   Huge piles of rubbish were taken away on a tractor.  The Parks staff supplied mulch for the beds and bark chippings for the paths.  The Ranger service, helped by volunteers from HSBC, constructed a handrail to help visitors negotiate the steps up from the drive.  There is also a 'back entrance' which is a fairly level woodland path.   

On Monday 16th May all donors were invited to view the results.  I think you can judge their feelings from the happy faces! 

Members of the gardening group with
two City Council Parks and Countryside staff

We still need as many plants again for the remaining area, so please think about donating the cost of a shrub.  Phone Alison on 0114 2746165 and she will send you a form. This goes with your cheque to our Treasurer and the Whirlow Brook Team will do the rest.  When the planting is complete a plaque will be put up at the entrance and a record of donations will be produced.  The group is dedicated to keeping the site looking good.  We have really enjoyed getting this far and we shall continue to work at the Park twice a month.  Come and have a look and bring your friends and family - the rhododendrons are at their best and there is a good cafe in the Hall.