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2-4Travel Group: Thursford Christmas Sectacular1160s Project - Seminar on National Service Showroom, 10.00 for 10.3015Showroom Lectures: Plastics15Showroom Lectures: Wentworth Woodhouse
8Weekenders: Manchester Christmas Markets18Showroom Lectures: The Life and works of George Eliot26Co-Ordinators' Meeting TBA
16A Capella Carols19Classical Concert goers: Leeds - Royal Northern Symphonia2860s Project - Open session Showroom 10.0029Lunch and Lecture: Velocipedes
21Showroom Lectures: What it's like to be a bird31Military History Group open meeting: The Anglo- Zulu Wars28Military History Group open meeting: The Battle of Blackpool Block25Military History Group open meeting: The Secret WW2 Listeners of Gilnahirk
Coming up: Jun 28 - Jul 2 Travel group Short Break in SomersetLinks 191: December 2018 p35
August 5 to 8 Regional Summer SchoolLinks 191: December 2018 p25